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02 October 2010 @ 01:08 pm
Why is it so hard for me to buckle down and write papers?
cat shit.
berry-scented crystals.
mexican food.
clean linen.
26 July 2010 @ 05:33 pm
TOdoCollapse )
25 February 2010 @ 09:23 am
Everything is happening so fast and I still am not feeling anything! It's strange... Why am I completely emotionless about moving!? I feel like I could just as easily stay here than move to Arizona. WHY DON'T I CARE!?
12 February 2010 @ 10:01 pm
SNOW! ohsnow! ohohsnow!

Looks like a ton, 4 inches I read, Jessica and I built a snowball arsenal filled with snowballs! We are going to lure Jay outside to play and GETHIM! The Olympics have him on a string. I do not enjoy the olympics...
23 January 2010 @ 08:35 pm
Elizabeth was at the bar when Jess and I went into Earth Fare for some espresso for me and we sat with her for a minute to talk. I put some bubble gum in my mouth after the coffee and she whines about if the gum is vegan or not. I said all gum is vegan. Jay told me that the phenylalanine in it has something to do with dairy. I googled it and phenylalanine is excreted from mammary mammal glands (or some shit like that). So, now I'm home and have been thinking about it. I did some research and there is alot out there that says logically aspartame (made of phenylalanine) is vegan because phenylalanine is so easy to synthesize. There is also alot out there that says, buuuuut it could NOT be vegan. Then I start thinking, 'wait. I don't care if its vegan or not. I don't care if my gum is vegan. I am not eating cheese or sour cream or bacon or milk out of concern for my HEALTH. People should not be worried if the gum is vegan. They should be worried they are putting TOXINS in their bodies! TOXINS in their bloodsteams! STRAIGHT TO THE BRAIN! You don't need VEGANISM as an excuse to stop poisoning yourselves!
24 January 2009 @ 02:10 am
A few months ago this guy came through my line to buy a black cherry cream soda. He asked if I'd had one before.. No.. Said he didn't have cooties and I should try it. He was sweaty, dressed in shorts and an underarmour shirt. He and his friend Sammy, who was with him, had just run eight miles. We made stupid conversation, mentioned catching each other at a local bar (hopefully), etcetera; he left.
Weeks later I was bagging groceries and asked him if he wanted paper or plastic. I don't remember his answer. 'You look familiar. How do I know you?' 'I think we talked here one time. You were over there.' 'Ooooh yes!' Stupid conversation. It was about closing time, so I was running around. He followed, we talked about nothing important. Some old guy dropped a container of grape juice onto an endcap display, so I grabbed a mop and started cleaning. He stuck around and kept talking to me until the ten minute announcement played. He left.
Today I was stocking tomatoes on the stairway to value and he walked in with a woman. I said hi and watched them walk towards bulk. How could that be his old lady? She was not ME. I kept stocking. Had to move to a different part of the store.. Between crackers/bars and bulk. I was putting salsa onto a gomex tortilla chip display. I saw them walk by. An old lady asked me what the difference between roasted peanuts and dry roasted peanuts was. As I went around asking random people (marcy, art, darrell, etc), I saw him go into the bathroom. I went into the back room across the hall and ran into Clay. 'Clay, what's the difference between roasted and dry roasted?' 'Oh! Um, uhhh, I don't know, but Jon is right around the corner in receiving, go ask him.' Actually, I'd rather just wait for him to come out of the bathroom. I see him-he sees me see him. I walk out quickly and he approaches me. We ask what the other has been up to, etc. Stupid, meaningless conversation. He tells me he's with a friend. She's from Georgia. She's visiting him for the first time in years. My mind is whirling. I get so nervous. He tells me he looked for me at McHale's the other nite. He saw me, but it was someone else. I asked him if he wanted to call me next time he went so I could be there. He made some funny comment about how he's glad we stopped just looking at each other and wondering if we should ask for each other's phone number. The old lady came up to me to see what the possible difference between roasted and dry roasted was, which never was answered, then he left.
11 November 2008 @ 10:32 pm
Its so funny that I posted that earlier. I'm on my way to Shawn's. WOOT. I suck.
11 November 2008 @ 11:38 am
Just wondering why sometimes I am incredibly lonely, but other times I feel like all I need in this entire world is the couch, teevee, some books, and Holden.
Why do I insist on giving in to lonliness? I don't need to follow him home; I don't need a ride in his car; I don't need him to call me five times in a row; I don't need his drunk hand on the small of my back, really.
How do I stop being impatient?
22 October 2008 @ 10:54 pm
Must remember:
antiriot conspiracy trials-chicago
buy holden one of those balls that rolls itself. Bumbleball? Wait, wtf?